"Her surreal pieces juxtapose imagery that otherwise would not be caught together. The witty, humorously subversive works attest to Riikka's substantial awareness of surrealism, Pop-art and Dadaism." Helsinki Heroes, Art Gallery

  • Collage by Women book

    Riikka's work is featured in Collage by Women, curated by Rebeka Elizegi. It presents 50 international women artists working in the field of collage today. From emerging names to more well-known and established ones, the artists featured here are pushing back the boundaries of art.

  • The Cutting Chaos book

    Book explores the creative chaos of the collage artist around the world. Across its stunning 244 pages. This collection showcases studios and different creative places of Riikka and other 27 collage artists around the globe.

  • Fiskars’ Scissors 50th Anniversary Exhibition

    Riikka was invited to participate in Fiskars’ Scissors International 50th Anniversary Exhibition at the Helsinki Design Museum. Some of the works were inspired by the scissors as an object, some by their orange colour, and others by their function of cutting.